Clean Low Acid Coffee For Your Health

by Evette | Last Updated: August 28, 2021

Clean, Low Acid Coffee For Your Health - French Vanilla - Hazelnut - Lifeboost Coffee -

I’ve recently come across a coffee that offers clean low acid coffee for your health. It’s 100% chemical-free, non-GMO, fairly traded, and single origin. The company that’s selling this coffee says it’s the healthiest coffee on the planet. It’s mountain-grown, shade-grown, hand-cultivated, processed, and packed by small local coffee plantation owners in Nicaragua. Each small batch is carefully tested for mycotoxins and inspected for the highest quality of the coffee bean.

Because their coffee is fair-traded, that means they support farmers with a fair wage for their premium crop. Plus, they donate a portion of all profits to protect the plants and animals who live in their coffee regions.

So, who is this company that offers clean, low acid coffee that’s healthy? Lifeboost Coffee, that’s who.

I bought French Vanilla Coffee and Hazelnut Coffee, although they offer many more flavors and roasts. I’m impressed with the taste, richness, and texture.

They only use natural essential oil extracts in their flavored coffees instead of artificial/chemical extracts. These essential oils are derived only from their natural sources and are of the highest quality. There is zero added sugar and zero added calories. When it comes to flavored coffee, I believe Lifeboost is the healthiest coffee available. I can taste the difference.

Additionally, Lifeboost wants you to be entirely delighted with their coffee. That’s why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date you ordered your product(s).

Clean low acid coffee for your health; give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.